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Members of the Maryland Association of Paralegals have access to a number of valuable resources, including:
  • National membership to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations and all of the benefits of membership to that organization, including discounts, publications, and “members only” access to the NFPA web site
  • Opportunity to participate in various area meetings
  • Continuing legal education
  • “The Docket,” the Maryland Association of Paralegals’ newsletter
  • Exclusive professional networking and educational opportunities
  • Job Bank career assistance section, updated with listings that reflect the spectrum of industry positions
Membership categories are defined as follows:

Active Membership (voting):
Open to all practicing paralegals or any person who has successfully completed training as a paralegal. Active members have a right to vote on all matters submitted to a vote. Active members also have the right to hold office in the Association and to elect the Board of Directors of the Association.

Student Membership (non-voting):
Open to all persons enrolled in a paralegal training program. A member may hold this membership for the term of four (4) years only. Verification of student status is required upon application and renewal.

Sustaining Membership (non-voting):
Open to all entities supporting the paralegal profession and the purposes of MAP.

Sustaining Individual Member (non-voting):
Any individual who has graduated from a paralegal program but is not yet a practicing paralegal or an individual who is interested in supporting the paralegal profession.

National Membership

  1. Each member of MAP is also a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations through an apportionment of dues
  2. NFPA member benefits include the receipt of the quarterly magazine The National Reporter, various discounts, participation in grassroots policymaking and CLE seminars (see NFPA‘s website for more details on the benefits of NFPA membership)
  3. All MAP members also have access to the “Members Only” section of the NFPA website which contains useful information for all NFPA members


The Board of Directors schedules monthly meetings that are open to all members and which provides an opportunity to participate in the development and the governing of the organization.

Area Coordinators schedule meetings throughout the year in various counties that are open to all members with interesting topics, speakers or just roundtable discussions of interest to the profession.

Continuing Education

MAP sponsors seminars and workshops designed to increase paralegal knowledge and skills. These programs will cover a range of topics that are of interest to paralegals.