The Maryland Association of Paralegals offers a variety of membership options to suit student and professional members. All memberships are in effect for a period of 12-months.


Active Membership (Voting) $85/year
Open to all practicing paralegals or any person who has successfully completed training as a paralegal.

Voting rights:

  • Right to vote on all matters submitted to a vote
  • Right to hold office in the Association, elect the board of directors

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Student Membership (Non-Voting) $40/year
Open to all persons enrolled in a paralegal training program.


  • Member may hold this membership for the term of 4-years only
  • Verification of student status is required upon application and renewal

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Individual Sustaining Membership (Non-Voting) $80/year
Open to all persons that have completed their education but are not yet employed as a practicing paralegal or qualify as a voting member.

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Sustaining Membership (Non-Voting) $150/year
Open to all entities supporting the paralegal profession and the purposes of MAP.

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Note on diversity …
One of the greatest assets of the paralegal profession is the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of its members. The National Federation of Paralegal Associations Inc. (NFPA®) takes great pride in this diversity.

NFPA welcomes, respects and supports diversity in all its forms in its membership, its vendors, and its contractors, as well as with paralegal educators, the paralegal profession, the legal profession, bar associations and the courts.